Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teaching in Gansu

One of the major tasks this year is to assist the teachers here in using IT to enhance teaching. In previous years we have already given them workshops on various things such as searching on the Internet, downloading useful reference material, incorporating them in powerpoint presentations, etc.

This year we selected 6 lessons in various subjects, ask our students to make lessons plans and prepare the material for those lessons, and actually go into the class rooms to teach the lessons for the teachers. The idea is to show the teachers how to use IT to prepare actual lesson plans, search for teaching material, produce the material, and in general make the classes more interactive, lively, and interesting. When it is appropriate, we will use a computer to go online, use multimedia, etc., and project the images for the students.

Afterwards we will review the experience with the teachers, observe how the teachers teach, and try to help them in their preparations and teaching as needed. The process will last 3 days and we have just finished the first day.

Through this, and other tasks, we hope to make a more long-lasting impact on the school. We are building up a long term collaborating relationship with them, and are committed to helping the school improve its teaching and caring for the students. More on other complementary tasks later, some of which will take place throughout the week, and some afterwards throughout the coming year.

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