Friday, January 22, 2010


It was early in the morning. A man was paying for something at the counter at the convenience store. I grabbed a newspaper, stood behind him, slightly to his right, and waited.

A young man appeared to his left and put down two buns, wrapped in plastic, on the counter. He was getting ready to pay for the buns.

Should I plunk down my newspaper, to remind the young man that I was there before him? He probably did not see me. It wouldn’t take him too long to pay. It is just a delay of seconds. OK, I will just let him go ahead and not make a fuss.

Suddenly, the young man picked up the buns, and smiled at me. Evidently he saw me, realized that I was there before him, and decided to let me pay first.

I liked him instantly, and smiled back at him. My day started brightly.

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