Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Community Service-Learning Program (CSLP) Awards

Today, our students’ work in service learning was recognized by our university by two awards. The Gold Award (first prize) in CSLP for the Gansu orphan school project, and the Bronze Award (third prize) for the Refugee Children project. The Hong Chi Special School project also received a Merit Award.

We have many more students involved in these projects. And several more projects besides these three. Some of the students were at classes, and others were at work at their placement companies; so they could not come to the ceremony. This year alone, we probably have 40 to 50 students involved in a variety of projects. We are really proud of our students. They serve a lot of needy people, make use of what they learn in university, make a lot of friends, and learn a lot from the experience. We, as their advisors, work hard too, to set up these projects and to work alongside them. But it is worth it.


Anonymous said...


This recognition goes to the professors, students, service receivers, and the families involved.

We are in this together!

Recognition or not, we serve.

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