Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ship Street Haunted House - in 2009

On a less serious topic - my wife and I went to the haunted house at the end of Ship Street in Wanchai at the end of the last decade. It may sound like a long time, but it was actually less than a month ago.

The last time I was there, probably two years ago, I was able to go up to the front gate at the top of the stairs and peeked inside the courtyard. It was a sunny day. But I was alone, the whole place was deserted, it was shaded by big trees, it felt unusually cool, and slightly dark, ..., it was a little spooky. of course, it was all just in my mind. Nothing actually happened.

But this time, unfortunately, the stairs leading up to the house was already blocked up. We could only look at it from a distance. It may not look scary from such a distance, but this is arguably the most famous haunted house in Hong Kong. Many stories have been told. I do have more photographs of the place in my previous post.

Sadly, like most things in Hong Kong with a history, whether famous or infamous, it is unlikely to last very long.

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