Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Computer Laboratory on a tuk-tuk

We have built a computer server with wireless access, and 30 mobile smartphones that can connect to the server wirelessly. We have also installed software including Wikipedia and eBooks on the server. So children can use the smartphones to read the eBooks on the server and use other applications.  It is essentially a wireless computer laboratory by itself, even without access to the Internet. There is sufficient power in the batteries to run for half-a-day.

We are also buying and modifying a tuk-tuk, so that we can store the computer laboratory in the tuk-tuk.  Someone will then drive the tuk-tuk to the San Sok primary school regularly to run the computer laboratory for the children.  Finally, we are also sponsoring a university student to manage and support the running of the mobile computer laboratory on a tuk-tuk.

Many people are quite excited about this experiment. Someone actually donated the 30 smartphones when they heard about this project. If it works as planned, it can be replicated for many more schools.  

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