Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stop-motion animation in Cambodia

These took place at the primary school at San Sok. 

Can you tell what these students are doing?  If you answer is “stop-motion animation”, that would be correct.  The students are taking photographs of a sequence of posts, which, when chained together, animates a story.  This is one of the techniques to tell a story using digital technology.  In other words, digital storytelling.

Most of the children have never used a computer before.  But they learned to do stop-motion animation quickly.  Of course, our university students had made meticulous preparations before hand, so squeeze as much teaching and learning as possible into just one week.  In the process, they work with the Cambodia associate degree students from Asia HRDI.

The teaching was very successful, and everyone had a lot of fun.  With the “computer lab in a suitcase in a tuk-tuk”, which will be driven to the school every week by a volunteer at the Cambodian YMCA, we are hoping the children will continue to practice what we taught them, and perhaps even continue to learn on their own.

We will come back to check on their progress in a few months, and continue to plan the next step.

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