Thursday, June 20, 2013

Country Living - Cambodian style

13 of us were assigned to live in a village house in San Sok, where our sleeping quarter was one big room on the upper floor.  It looked quite similar to many of the read-and-blue village houses that I have seen all over Cambodia.  We could see through the gaps between the floor boards, some of which were 1 cm wide.  But the boards looked and feel solid enough, so we were not worried.

Mosquito nets were set up.  After heavy rains, the temperature was surprising cool.  So it actually felt comfortable even inside the nets.

The biggest problem for my students was the bathroom.  It had no roof, and the water for bathing was not crystal clear.  The reason was obvious - the water tank was not covered, hence leaves, dusts, and insects could easily drop into it.  In the dark, I checked the water under my torch.  It looked a little cloudy but otherwise OK to me.  So I poured some over myself, washing away the grime and the sweat, and I felt refreshed.  However, many of my student did not want to risk the water, and stewed in their own sweat overnight.  Later on, however, I heard that the discomfort helped them overcome their anxiety with the water, and they started bathing with the water.

After dark, the place was LOUD.  The frogs, crickets, and what not were literally deafening.

The morning revealed a great view, across houses, lotus ponds, little paths, and lots and lots of green rice fields.

All the students that I talked to turned out enjoying the adventure. It is surely something they can be proud of, and will remember for a long time.

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