Friday, October 25, 2013

Hong Kong losing its nerve?

The saga of awarding new TV licenses is more entertaining than anything produced by our current TV stations. If the saga is conducted on purpose by the government, it would demonstrate innovation and skill.  But that is, of course, ludicrous. No government would shoot themselves in the foot this way on purpose. 
Most people try hard not to link this to political manipulation by the mainland government, at least not publicly. Many point to, instead, a wish to maintain the status quo of domination by a small number of big businesses, protection of  the privileged TVB, preservation of mainland-linked AsiaTV, and anxiousness over the creative, energetic but hard-to-control HKTV.  

Apart from the overt political considerations, this is sad reflection of the state of the mind of those who are ruling Hong Kong.  It has long been said that Hong Kong has few resources other than its people.  It was in fact our willingness to work hard in the face of challenges and competition,  sense of fairness in treating ourselves and others, and creative application that made Hong Kong successful.  However, the current saga is clear indication that our rulers has lost much of the core values that made us what it is today.  I fear for the future of Hong Kong if we continue in this manner. 

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