Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tsuen Kam Au (荃錦坳) Hike (1)

Two weeks ago we (old secondary school classmates) went on a hike from Tsuen Kam Au (荃錦坳) down the Kap Lung Forest Trail (甲龍林徑) to Shek Kong Village (石崗). 

It was an easy and shady trail.  We walked under tall trees most of the time.  

But there were plenty of interesting sights.  There was this snail on whom it is difficult to tell the body and the shell apart.  And the shell looked really odd.

There were also some nests full of fiery red ants.  They were made up of leaves glued together with a sort of white glue which looked suspiciously like the white glue that you buy from the bookstore.  

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