Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kwun Tong (觀塘) Run

The distance from Hung Hom to Kwun Tong is shorter than I thought.  Just 12 kilometers on foot through the streets.   The hardest part was at the beginning, running up the steep slope at Fat Kong Street (佛光街).  Because of road work in San Po Kong (新蒲崗), I had to make some detours which was annoying.   The running, at a leisurely pace, was easy.  There were quite a number of street crossings, which was also annoying.  But they gave me a chance to take a breath, so perhaps I should actually be thankful.  

The route gave me a welcome chance to run through some unfamiliar neighbourhoods, such as Ngau Tau Kok (牛頭角).  Some of the oldest public housing at Ngau Tau Kok were torn down just a short while ago.  Looking at the gaping open space left, there was a sense of lost.  But if it gives the residents new and better homes, it should also be a good development. 

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Kuwn Tong said...

Running between Kuwn Tong and Hung Hom is not that good. There are no single route and most of the street are busy. I prefer running from hung hom to TST better