Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mui Wo to Discovery Bay (2)

On the beach of Silver Mine Bay (銀鑛灣), nine dragon boats were laid out on the beach.  The are awaiting the fitting of heads, in anticipation of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.   

The hills above Mui Wo were covered with bushes of rose myrtle (山稔,崗稔, 桃金娘).  They are now flowering.  In a few months’ time, they will bear berries about 1 centimetre long.  When they ripen into a dark purple, they are quite sweet and tasty.  

Outside the monastery near Discovery Bay (愉景灣), we encountered this scary long-haired caterpillar.  Not sure what kind of scary moth or butterfly it will turn into.  

When we returned to Mui Wo (梅窩) by ferry for dinner, someone was feeding this colony of cats on the sidewalk.  Apparently they were eating seafood.  I could not figure out what kind of seafood it was, but they seemed to be enjoying it.  

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