Monday, May 19, 2014

Mui Wo (梅窩) to Discovery Bay (愉景灣)

This is a popular hiking trail that is relatively far removed from the city.  This is also one of the places in Hong Kong where you are likely to encounter more Caucasians than Chinese.  And certainly more locals than mainlanders. We started from Mui Wo.  Soon we were high enough to see the whole Mui Wo and Silver Mine Bay (銀鑛灣). 

We could also see the entrance to the bay, where a fast boat encountered a slow boat.  Which is which?

In the distance we could see Cheung Chau (長洲), famous for the parade of the kids and the bun mountains. 

There was Hei Ling Chau (喜靈洲), where there was an asylum for lepers. It was closed down a long time ago, when leprosy was eradicated.  There is now a typhoon shelter, which does not seem to be heavily used.  How many fishing boats are left in Hong Kong anyway?  

Then there was Peng Chau (坪洲), just off the shore from Discovery Bay.  It was so close that we were sure we could swim over.  In the distance we could even see Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.  

It was an easy hike, but quite enjoyable.  We saw just a few people, perhaps because of the heavy weather and the impending thunderstorm.  The good thing was we could enjoy the trail in peace.  

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