Thursday, May 08, 2014

Tai Hum Village (大磡村)

On my way to Ngau Chi Wan, I ran past (what remains of) Tai Hum Village.  It was once a vibrant community of pretty stone houses and squatter houses. More than 10 years ago, it was totally obliterated to make way for “development”. Nothing was done for more than 10 years, until very recently.  The only house from the village that still stands is the stone house where the famous actor Roy Chiao (喬宏) used to live. It is still visible in the photograph, behind the construction for the Shatin-Central-Link (沙田至中環綫). 

Several proposals have been made but none was adopted. Other than the Diamond Hill station for the Shatin-Central-Link (沙中綫), there will likely be a lot of public housing, given the long-standing perceived housing shortage these days. 

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