Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Chengdu Guokui (鍋魁)

Take a piece of dough.  Flatten it into a long strip.  Put some meat on it.  Roll it up into a cylinder.  Flatten the cylinder into a disk.  Fry the disk in oil in a pan.  Roast the disk in an oven.  

On our way from Shi Fang (什邡) to the airport in Chengdu (成都), we stopped briefly in a small town 四川彭州市軍樂鎮, for its famous snack 鍋魁.  It was really good.  Hot, crispy, and tasty.  

Of course, there are secrets in the dough, the way it was kneaded, the meat, …, that make it so good.  

I didn’t realize at that time that this small place has another story.  During the later stage of the Three Kingdoms (三國), 諸葛亮 instructed his general 姜维  to station his troops here.  Hence the name of the town.  

This place is full of treasures, big and small.  

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