Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tuen Mun to Kam Sheung Run

Our pastor D told me there is a nice path between Tuen Mun and Yuen Long suitable for running.  This morning I decided to give it a try.  I started from Tuen Mun 屯門 West Rail Station and basically followed Castle Peak Road, towards Yuen Long 元朗.  

For much of the way, there is a bicycle path more or less along the Light Rail tracks.  There are many places where I had to cross the Light Rail tracks or streets that allow cars to cross the tracks themselves.  But the traffic was light and it wasn’t too annoying.  The run gave me a much better sense of what this part of the New Territories is like.  

There are some shops that used to be quite common but are increasingly rare these days.  Such as this furniture that specialise in precious red woods. These are very hard wood. Some have intricate patterns that are treasured.  Myanmar is one of the major sources of these red woods, and they are severely depleted these days.  There probably won’t be much of them left in a few decades, with the tremendous growth in demand from China among the newly rich. 

There are graveyards and village communal offices around Lingnam University, right in the shadow of academic buildings.  I think they give Lingnam character and local colour. 

This roast meat shop stuff their suckling pigs with rice before roasting them.  It sounds delicious.  The rice may turn out tasting even better than the pig.  I would love to give it a try. 

In Yuen Long, I found this man walking his birds.  Another sight that is increasingly rare in the city.  People used to take their birds when they go to the tea houses for dim sum in the morning.  They have to cover the cages so that their birds do not get spooked.  

Outside Kam Sheung West Rail station 錦上路站, there is a flea market 錦上路跳蚤市場.  There are 100+ shops selling old style sweets, snacks, handicrafts, organic produce, …  It is worth a couple of hours of leisure and easy to get to.  It is open Saturdays and Sundays until 8 PM.  

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