Saturday, April 04, 2015

Dagon Number 2 Secondary School

In June, we will send 9 of our students here, Dagon number Two Government Secondary School, about an hour north of Yangon.  They will be joined by an equal number of students from Dagon University.  Together they will teach digital story telling to a class of 40 secondary schools in the morning, and another 40 in the afternoon.  But before that, our students have to teach the Dagon students, so they can then teach together.  

Another 11 of our students will stay at Dagon University to teach smart phone applications to 40 Dagon University students.  On Thursday, I took 3 of my colleagues here to discuss with the staff from Dagon U and Dagon No. 2 Secondary School to set up the project in June.  The discussions have gone smoothly.  Now everyone is looking forward to the project in June.  

It is very hot here, and the traveling is tiring.  I treated myself to a glass of tasty durian juice. Yummy.  

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