Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Ching Ming 2015

The crowds at the Aberdeen cemetery seemed to be slightly thinner than last year’s.  Perhaps a lot of people were away because of the long weekend?  However, it could still be quite thick at times. 

People offered all kinds of things.  

Some are relatively modest, with flowers, fruit, and buns.    

Some seemed to have brought some home-cooked food.  

Many brought feasts consisting of tea, rice, wine, dim sum, bananas, apples, buns, roasted pork, whole suckling pigs, roasted ducks, soft drinks, …

There is of course a lot of money, presumably fake, but quite realistic looking, and in a variety of currencies.  Papier mache iPhones, shoes, clothing, …

All eventually going up in smokes, of course.  

But the descendants went away feeling they have done something for their deceased relatives, putting their mind at ease. It also bonds the living, even if it is only in a small way. 

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