Sunday, January 17, 2016

Colourful Indian men

India has a very old civilisation.  It is well know for its gurus, wise men, and other colourful characters.  During our eight days in India, my wife and I had seen quite a few interesting characters.  Some of them are obviously religious, such as these Hindu priests who performed the fire ceremony on the ghats in Varanasi. 

Many bath along the Ganges.  It is certainly for religious reasons.  Otherwise no one in their right minds would dip into that water. 

There were loads of colourfully dressed (or undressed) men, everywhere we went.  

One in particular looked a bit like a Taoist priest.  

Some of them appeared to the beggars.  If they hold out their hands and other people give them food or money, they are beggars, correct?  I apologise if my observation offends anyone.  

There was this young man who rowed the 10 of us up and down the Ganges for an hour.  We were impressed by his strength and skills.  

Many were leisurely reading newspapers and drinking tea - or coffee.  

Why are wise men always men?  We did actually encounter many interesting women.  More about that later. 

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