Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Cow Dung Industry of India

I have always known that cows do not fully digest their food, which is mainly grass.  Their dung, often in the shape of a thin disc, is often called cow pie, or cow chip.  A cow pie, when dried, can be burned as fuel. 

In India, cows are everywhere.  But you will not see cow dung just lying on the ground like in so many other countries, such as China.  

Because they are scooped up, shaped, dried, and then piled up to be sold.  

I heard that they are now being sold online.  And they are not cheap.  


Adrian Au said...

Interesting! Cow sung becomes a commodity for trading and investment. I am interested to know how the trading works. Is there a spot and future market?

StephenC said...

I suspect it is not so sophisticated. But you can really buy online. And it is not cheap.