Friday, January 29, 2016

Mother with seven children

In May 2015, our partner in Rwanda - African Evangelical Enterprise - introduce us to a single mother with seven young children.  Her husband had just left her with the children.  

Her brother built her a mud house, but she had practically nothing.  With seven children to look after, and no education, she could not work.  With no husband, her future looked grim indeed. 

We installed a solar electrical system for her house, upon request from AEE.  

And some of us put together some money for her and her children.  

Half a year later, we came back and found the electrical system working.  And she was beaming.  

With the money we gave her, she bought a young cow, 2 goats, and 2 chicken.  Her cow eyed us with curiosity.  The cow is already producing a lot of urine and dung - useful as fertilizer.  Soon the cow will start to produce milk for her children.  

The mud house is still a mud house.  She still has seven children to feed, and no husband.  But she is evidently much more hopeful.  It is amazing how much a cow can do for you. 

We are also very happy for her.  

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