Sunday, February 07, 2016

Chinese New Year’s Eve Market

My wife and I went to the Chinese New Year’s Eve Market at Victoria Park last evening.  As in past years, we were not really there to buy anything.  But rather to experience the atmosphere, get a sense of what the community’s sentiments are, and see if there are some innovative ideas.  The 100Most (100毛) stall was one of the most crowded.  Lots of young people were buying books and stuffed toys. That is probably a reflection of the buzz that their magazine and online TV programs have generated in recent years.  

At the MINE (Money Is Not Everything) stall, a lot of young people were lined up to buy.  In this aspect, at least, it is very successful.  

We like, quite a lot, the stuffed vegetables at one of the stalls. The design and production were done very well. 

I like, very much, the stuffed Pineapple Bun with Butter. 

There were quite a few political-themed stalls and products. Some of them, unsurprisingly, were operated by anti-establishment political parties. 

Stalls operated by political parties were not attracting a lot of attention in general.  Among them, it is interesting to observe that those operated by pro-establishment political parties were completely devoid of customers.  That is quite revealing.  

There were a total of 4 aisles.  The two aisles selling mostly food and fun things were very crowded.  The one aisle selling mainly flowers much less so.  That has been the case for many years.  Why don’t the organisers do something such as widening the more crowded aisles and squeezing the flower aisle a little?  

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