Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Joy of Running Outside

I have run from Hung Hom to Lohas Park (日出康城) 3 times now.  The route is roughly 21 kilometers, just about half a marathon, a good test of my fitness.   It also takes me through different parts of Kowloon, with a variety of scenery.  I run through residential areas, industrial areas, piers, and parks.  A significant portion is on the waterfront, or where I can see the water from above.  The most gruelling part is running up the Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery (將軍澳華人永遠墳場).  But it is also the most beautiful, where I can see views of Hong Kong not normally available.  

While I was going up the cemetery, I could see, right below, the typhoon shelter at Leu Yue Mun (鯉魚門). I could also see Sam Ka Tsuen (三家村), where people go for seafood. 

In the distance, there was the typhoon shelter at Shau Ki Wan (筲箕灣).  

Making the sharp turn towards the cemetery, I could see Shau Ki Wan and Chai Wan (柴灣) side by side, separated by a rocky hill. 

And then going down from the cemetery, Lohas Park in Junk Bay.  And the humongous garbage dump. It is still operating, but is said to be nearing capacity.  What will happen when it does?

Clearly Lohas Park was built on reclaimed land.  What is actually underneath and around it?

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