Friday, February 19, 2016

News as Horror

At our home, we do not watch much television other than movies and news.  But lately, the news has been rather difficult to watch.  In fact, it is often quite horrible.  

We have seen protesters throwing bricks at the police, the police throwing rocks back at the protesters, protesters trying to beat up the police and reporters, the police actually beating up the protesters and reporters and seemingly anyone nearby.  

We have seen the government saying the protesters are animals, pro-establishment politicians saying the police should shoot the protesters, the government condemning the protester violence but refusing to look into possible police misconduct, the government condemning protesters yet refusing to admit that government action and institutional iniquity could be the source of citizen rage.  

The violence so far is actually relatively mild compared to the violence in many countries.  Yet the trend of increasing violence protests is worrying.  It is the same with government stonewalling,  the same with the government and the police treating citizens as the enemy.  

The protesters should be aware that they are losing the moral high ground by resorting to violence.  They will end up isolating themselves. 

The government should be aware that their stonewalling and double standard is generating more and more anger.  Despite their superior fire power and political hegemony, they cannot suppress the anger forever.  Sooner the anger will erupt and consume them together with the rest of the community.   A cleverer government would find ways to release the anger before it is too late. 

You hit me.  I hit you back, harder.  You make me bleed.  I make you bleed more.  When is it going to end?  Until one side is, or both are dead?

For both sides, it is better to stop before it is too late. 

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