Sunday, February 28, 2016

Run to Sai Kung

Running has a lot of benefits.  One of which is you can go anywhere you want and see interesting sights.  One thing I learned this morning is that Sai Kung is almost exactly 20 kilometres form my home in Hung Hom, through Clear Water Bay Road. 

There I encountered a mournful-looking giant cuttle fish.  It probably knew that it was going to be eaten.  

There was a pair of horseshoe crabs. The species has been around for 450 million years, and is considered a living fossil. The animal is all shells and gills.  There is almost nothing that can be eaten.  I really don’t know why people would want to eat them other than as a curio and something to brag about.  

There were some flathead lobsters (琵琶蝦).  Now these are ugly but tasty. 

There was also sea urchin.  

Lots of boats were anchored off the sea wall, selling all kinds of sea food.  

There were some that I could not name.  


YTSL said...

Hi Stephen --

I've eaten horsehoe crab roe in Malaysia. Found it delicious!

StephenC said...

In that case, I should modify my post. Perhaps I should try the roe. :-) But I have also heard that they are under threat because of disturbance to their habitat.

YTSL said...

Hi again --

Oh dear re king crabs being under threat. Is that just in Hong Kong? I've actually only eaten king crab once -- in Penang, Malaysia, at a dinner during which it was ordered by my boss!

StephenC said...

If you mean horseshoe crabs, Yes, their habitats have been disturbed by many construction projects along the coastal areas in Hong Kong. As for King crabs, I don't think we have them here.

YTSL said...

Hi once more

Sorry, yes, I meant to write horseshoe crabs. Apologies for the confusion caused!

StephenC said...

No problem. I thought as much. :-)