Thursday, October 06, 2016

Justice - Hong Kong Style

Mr. Wong, a citizen of Hong Kong, was invited to go to Thailand to speak at a university.  Upon arrival in Thailand, he was refused entry, detained for 12 hours, and sent back to Hong Kong.  
Many are of the opinion that Thailand was pressured by Beijing to blacklist Wong. 

The Justice Minister of Hong Kong, however, brushed aside the incident, stating that each country has a right to do what it wants in matters of immigration.  Regarding pressure from Beijing, he said, “I personally do not believe such a matter would … require international pressure.” [SCMP]

If he truly believe that, he is unbelievably naive.  If not, he is not being honest.  If he is afraid to speak the truth for fear of offending Beijing, he lags courage.  In fact, the same is true for most of the government officials for Hong Kong.  In any case, it does not bode well for Hong Kong. 

Thai junta leader told reporters, “He (Wong) already went back to China. Officials there have requested to take him back.”  [SCMP]

Who is lying?  Who is not doing his job in seeking justice for and protecting the citizens of Hong Kong?  We may not be able to influence how other countries such as Thailand behave.  We probably have little hope of persuading Beijing.  But we should at least demand justice and protection from our own government officials, shouldn’t we?

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