Monday, October 24, 2016

Negativity in Public Life

It is quite depressing reading political news these days.  It seems the government and politicians in Hong Kong are spending more time stopping and destroying things rather than constructing and creating things.  First they refuse to make the elections more open and democratic.  Then they try ever more draconian means to stop some of the elected legislators from taking office.  Some of the young politicians themselves are also disappointing, putting more effort in juvenile antics to disrupt rather than building support to make real changes.  

Across the Pacific Ocean, the candidates from both major parties spend more time making personal attacks on each other, rather than argue about ways to make the nation and the world better places.  

If these are the leaders of some of the most advanced societies in the world, what hope do we have for the present?  If these are the more visible role models for our children, what hope do they have for the future?

Behind the rhetoric on both sides of the Pacific, there are even more worrying trends.  Many Americans want USA to continue to dominate the world.  On this side of the Pacific, many Chinese want China to rise up to take USA’s place.  Some are even predicting war is inevitable between the two.  Buffoonery and stupidity of politicians can be cured by replacing them.  However, if the population in each nation are so bent on making their own nation the most powerful, conflict is inevitable.  That’s one reason why nationalism can be so insidious. 

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