Thursday, September 21, 2017

A taste of Ireland (Galway)

I feel that I am not sure whether I can say I have seen Ireland.  I have actually only been in Galway for about 4 days.  But I did get a taste of Ireland, at least that of Galway.  

During this time, I have tasted some very nice wild boar sausage, washed down with a local beer form Galway.  The only regret was that there were not more sausages.  I have become quite fond of wild boars, perhaps from reading a little too much Asterix.  Asterix and his pal Obelix always tuck into big, delicious roasted wild boars after a big fight.  

They must have a lot of cows here, because the beef steaks were quite inexpensive.  At least in comparison to Hong Kong.  They seem to be quite meticulous about their beef too.  You can get fresh beef, beef aged for so many days, etc. - even from a regular supermarket.  

They have a lot of cheeses.  And I did see a lot of cows, sheep and horses along the highway between Dublin and Galway.  

The seafood looked fresh too.  But I am not sure that all of them come from the seas around Ireland.  

You can even pick up apples from the grounds of the National University of Ireland at Galway.  They were edible, but small and sour.  Not my favourite.  But you don’t have to pay for them.  So I couldn’t complain.  

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