Sunday, September 24, 2017

Street Scenes Ireland (Galway)

There wasn’t much time to venture out of Galway because I spent most of my time at the conference on service-learning.  But I did walk around Galway as much as I could and it was quite rewarding.  

There were a lot of murals that were very attractive, even though I could not always figure out what they were or what they were trying to say.  Such as this one with a big eye in it.  

Many bars / pubs had such pleasing murals that induced an urge to go inside to find out more.  On this account they are very successful.  

Some are so vibrant that they became natural backdrops for street performers, or people who wanted to raise donations for some cause.  

There were still some of the old-fashioned thatched roofs.  Although I was told that they are becoming quite rare in Galway. 

The campus of the National University of Ireland at Galway is beautiful.  Such as this quiet quadrangle with perfectly kept green lawn, and vine-covered facades.  

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