Thursday, September 14, 2017


Within just one week, I came through Heathrow again.  This time, I was not going to London, just changing planes to fly to Dublin, and then to take a bus to come to Galway - to attend a conference on Service-Learning.  

My first impressions of Ireland - both when the plane made landfall, and on the bus from Dublin to Galway - was that Ireland is very green.  

It also has a lot of animals: sheep, cows, and horses.  Particularly sheep, both the real ones grazing on the green fields and those cute ones decorating shop windows.  

Ireland also has a lot of bookshops and restaurants, which I like. 

Sometimes the two are linked, which I like even more.  

There are many many pubs, of courses.  Many are quite old, or at least look old.  

There is a lot of music, on the streets, in the pubs, …

At the beautiful cathedral in Galway, there is a prayer that I like a lot, perhaps because it speaks to my heart.

What is the link between alcohol, books and faith?

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