Monday, September 25, 2017

Drinking Buddha

Pubs and bars are ubiquitous in Ireland.  But I am not sure whether the real Buddha would actually run a bar, even in Ireland.  

There is more than beef and potatoes to eat in Ireland (Galway, actually).  Next to the Buddha Bar is a Chinese restaurant run by a couple from Hong Kong.  My friend from Singapore, who cannot live without Chinese food, took me there.  The food turned out to be quite good, and the place was doing good business.  It is quite small, seating no more than 15 people, and a lot of people come for takeout.  The young couple who run the place was from Hong Kong.  And they seem to enjoy the more tranquil life in Galway.  I wish them well.  

There is also more than the Cantonese style and Shanghai style Chinese food.  I was quite surprised to find Xian street food.

And Beijing street food in a convenience store.

Is this what is meant by soft power?  Or simply an influx of Chinese students and immigrants?

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