Monday, September 03, 2007

A380 in Hong Kong

It flew over the Victoria Harbour several times this morning. Since the airport moved from Kaitak (啟德) in Kowloon City (九龍城) to ChekLapKok (赤臘角), big airplanes don’t appear in the city anymore. So this is a treat.

Without comparison to other airplanes, it is not easy to see how big the airplane really is. Still, it is thrilling to see this big machine flying near and even disappearing behind some of the tall buildings.

The pictures may be a bit grainy, because they were taken from a great distance with my PhD (Push here, Dummy) camera :)

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The Cat said...

It's a little unfortunate, but pictures of that thing flying behind the IFC reminded me of 9/11 and the Twin Towers :-P.

I do wonder how airports are going to handle that thing when it enters service, though. Can you imagine 600+ people being dumped onto an airport in one go? I don't know that many airports have the customs, baggage handlers, etc to be able to handle such a large concentration of passengers at one time. It reminds me of the super liner I was on over the summer -- the ship itself was fine, but when it got to a small port and dumped 4000+ people into it... you can imagine the strain it put onto the facilities. I hope that the airports are preparing for this, otherwise we're going to be in for some pretty painful flights in the future.