Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kau Sai Wan (滘西)

A pristine (almost) bay and beach on Kau Sai Chau (滘西洲) near SaiKung. It seems inaccessible except from the sea. There does not appear to be any roads, and the hills are steep.

There were no people around when we got there in the morning. But within 15 minutes, there were 10 boats just like ours were moored in the bay. Another half an hour, 50 people were deposited on the beach by small boats. A few, like me, swam the roughly two to three hundred meters from the cruise boats to the beach.

The sands were exquisitely white. The water was warm and clear. With my head in the water, and armed with nothing but swimming goggles, I could see little fish, shells, rocks, and an occasional hermit crab. Unfortunately there were also an occasional beer can.

The sun was bright but there was a strong breeze. Floating in the water and imaging myself a dolphin, I almost forgot about my other life (my normal human self) and in particular an urgent, headache-generating phone call that I received just as we entered the bay.


The Cat said...

You were lucky to have gone on the day before the typhoon hit!

StephenC said...

Yeah. We did find the weather very nice, and happy that we made the time to go out.

But we didn't realize how fortunate we really were.