Friday, September 28, 2007

Guilt and Repentance

Regina Yip apologized to the public for making mistakes in the promotion of Article 23 four years ago. It was a big turn around for her, who only last year said she had nothing to apologize for over the now-shelved bill. Some questioned whether this was really a genuine apology. Or was it just a tactical move to remove an obstacle in her bid for the Hong Kong Island by-election on December 2, for the seat in the Legislative Council left open by the death of Ma Lik, the former DAB chairman. “Otherwise, why has she refused to apologize in the past?” Others felt her body language did not quite match her words. I cannot, and do not wish to judge whether her apology is one from her heart. But she did get me thinking.

While a public apology is hard enough to come by, genuine repentance is even harder, and much more valuable. Jesus once said that it is not those who call Him their Lord that get into heaven; only the ones who obey God that get into heaven.

Only those who truly feel the gravity of our sins and shortcomings will repent of our sins. And only then, will we be truly redeemed, and be reconciled. It is, of course, important that we be reconciled with the people around us. But it is much more important that we be reconciled with the one who really counts – God.

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