Friday, November 23, 2007

Adultery, or true love?

Elsie and Tucker was a couple in a church. Tucker was active and a leader in the church. Elsie was slightly moody, and strict with the children. They had a young daughter. Cheryl and Ken was another couple. Both were new believers. Ken was quiet and polite. Cheryl was vivacious and friendly with everyone. They had a young son.

One day Tucker declared that he was in love with Cheryl, and he was no longer in love with his wife. He asked for understanding from Elsie, and a divorce. He said it was not because of Cheryl that he wanted to divorce Elsie. He felt they were not right for each other even before he fell in love with Cheryl. But now he simply could not be without Cheryl. He was seeking a amiable divorce.

Cheryl did not make any public declarations but did not contradict Tucker either. Privately she made it clear that she wanted to divorce Ken, but did not say explicitly that she would be with Tucker. She wanted to keep her son.

The preacher and other church leaders tried to convince Tucker that he was making a mistake. They pleaded with Tucker to pull back before going to far, to try to repair his relations with Elsie. Elsie was, of course, deeply hurt but willing to forgive him should he decided to return. Tucker declared that there was now no turning back. He said he loved his daughter and did not wish to hurt Elsie. He would try his best to part amiably and to minimize the damage to Elsie and his daughter. He believed that he could achieve it if the church did not interfere.

It was a tell-tale sign that Tucker refused to pray with the leaders of the church.

This was a case that we discussed in our weekly Bible Study Group this week. We were studying Matthew chapter 5, verses 27 to 32, on adultery. What do you think of it? Should Tucker follow his heart to go with Cheryl? Or to return to Elsie whom he does not love anymore? What should Cheryl do?


Anonymous said...

The temptation nowadays is very great. There are too many opportunities to get confused with the people of the opposite sex every day, our colleagues, our friends, our classmates, our partners in all kinds of activities. Even I couldn't deny there were times I faced the same temptation. Only it didn't go beyond some fancy thoughts and died quickly enough when God's love was remembered.
Another reason for this, I believe, was due to the individualism. I don't know whether your discussion was upon a real case. I would say the couple who fell into the trap were very selfish. And people are getting more and more selfish and inconsiderate. That's why homosexual is excused as love towards another kind and therefore it is not a sin.

StephenC said...

Too many ignoble acts have been committed in the name of love nowadays.

Yes, the case was a real one, except that the names were changed.

Love is not just feelings and desires. In The First Episode of Corinthians, it says "love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, ... it is not self-seeking, ..."

christine said...

well, not gonna lie: that just makes me want to throw things.

StephenC said...

Yeah, sometimes when we are obsessed with ourselves and our desires, we lose all senses of right and wrong, and balance. We hurt ourselves and other people, and yet still think we are justified.