Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emptying Chamber Pots

When was the last time you used a chamber pot? In fact, did you ever use, or even see a chamber pot? Do you even know there is such a thing?

In many older cities in China, such as the old city in Suzhou and the hutongs in Beijing, many houses do not have indoor toilets. That’s why there are so many public toilets. And that’s why these women are emptying and cleaning these chamber pots early in the morning in Suzhou. You really have to get up quite early to catch them.

Why is it always the women who empty and clean the pots? Don’t the men use them too?

1 comment:

Isaac said...

Women use chamber pot at night as some of them are too lazy to visit their toilet facilities. They piss about two or three times throughout the night and then empty their piss pots earlier in the morning. Even unmarried women use chamber pots in their rooms.
Some even masturbate on them when they feel horny thinking about men!