Monday, November 19, 2007

Suzhou Watergate

This is the real WaterGate in Suzhou – the entrance into old Suzhou walled city for boats. The city walls have mostly been torn down, except a few sections including this one. The gate opening is quite small and low. And it is made up of two walls with a trap in between, making it quite easy to defend.

Suzhou has retained a lot of the waterways and bridges. Garbage colleting boats keep the waterways free of refuse, and boats are banned from most of the waterways.

It is really quite pleasant walking among them, particularly in the morning. The place is still quite clean and quiet. People are getting up, getting to work or school, setting up the stores, shopping for groceries, preparing food.

It seems they are trying to tell us it is possible to live and work in this place without having to obliterate history. They paint a picture of quiet optimism.

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