Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boy Peeing

Actually this is more about the boy’s parents rather than the boy himself. Less than 10 minutes ago, I was passing by the entrance to the Hung Hom KCR station. A boy of about 3 years old was standing still facing the wall, with a woman kneeling down by his side, holding him tightly. It seemed odd and I thought perhaps they needed help.

Upon closer inspection, of course, it turned out the woman was helping the boy urinate. It was a busy entrance with hundreds of people walking by every minute. And about 10 meters away, a policeman was watching the traffic. But nobody paid any attention.

Less than 100 meters away in the main hall of the train station, and a shorter distance away in the university in the opposite direction across a footbridge, there were clean toilets accessible for the public. Why do people still do this?

Again, it is not about the boy, but the boy’s guardians.

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