Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jubilee Care Primary School in ChanKou, Gansu

We (a team of 3 staff members and 7 university students) are now in Jubilee Care Primary School in ChanKou, DingXi, Gansu. This is a primary school for orphans set up by a Hong Kong Christian charity in September 2007. We are here to help them set up a local area network and a computer laboratory, and to provide training to the students and teachers in using computers for learning and teaching.

This is a very small town in a very poor place. On the two hour trip from Lanzhou to here, we hardly saw any grass, let lone trees. The main produce here is potatoes.

The school has two buildings, a school building and dormitory. We are looking through a third floor window in the school building towards the dormitory. At the lower right hand corner of the window is the wireless router that we set up to provide temporary network coverage for at least part of the dormitory.

The school and town is surrounded on all sides by mountains. Behind the dormitory is the gap in the mountains through which the highway to Lanzhou leads.

It is bitterly cold here with subzero temperatures all the time.

Our team has set up a blog on the project. Please feel free to visit to find out more about it.

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