Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Video Conference between Jubilee Gansu and Hong Kong

We raised funds in Hong Kong to buy 5 desktop computers and some networking equipment. Once we got there, we spent two days to install the computers and a local area network, and then spent two days to teach the students and teachers the basics on how to use them. Most of the kids have never seen a computer before. So we have to start with the basics, such as mouse clicking, typing, simple drawing, etc.

Then on the last day of lessons, we set up a video conference between Jubilee Primary in Gansu, and a group of Hong Kong students in the eToy Laboratory in our university in Hong Kong. They take turns asking each other questions, such as what do you eat, etc. They even collaborated in making a drawing together. We see great potential in the video conferencing set up.

Overall it was a big success. The Jubilee Gansu kids were very enthusiastic, and some of the Hong Kong students were greatly touched. The Jubilee teachers were happy because their students were happy. We were happy because they were happy.

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