Monday, January 28, 2008

Service Learning in Gansu

Overall, this was a very successful service learning trip. We have achieved all the original objectives. We set up the basic network infrastructure and a small computer laboratory, provided basic training to the students, and some help to the teachers on using the Internet to teach. Our service was welcomed by the school, and our students mixed well with their students. We are all hoping that we can continue to work with the school to improve the network and the students’ learning experience.

Our students themselves learned a lot from the experience. They have acquired useful hands-on experience on the network technology. They have shown excellent team spirit, dedication to service, and discipline. They have seen a part of China not commonly seen. They demonstrated that they are students we can proud of. They have pledged to continue to participate in the project.

This is the fourth time that we have led teams of students on service learning trips to mainland China. Each of the trips is different. and each of them satisfying in its own way. But this one must be one of the best.

I am grateful to my colleague for setting up and leading this trip, another colleague for planning the network and training the students, our university for providing the support to the team, the donors for donating the funds to buy the computers and the network equipment, and ultimately, God, who let this all happen.

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