Saturday, April 26, 2008

Highway beside HuangHe (黃河)

This is an elevated highway by the side of HuangHe (黃河) near Hancheng, right in front of Sima Qian’s (司馬遷) tomb. It must be close to 200 feet high. Very dramatic, don’t you think?

This section of the highway runs along HuangHe, On this side of the river is Shaanxi (陕西). On the other side? Shanxi (山西). This stretch of the river is very broad but very shallow.

Here are a couple of the views from the highway. Note the green grass on the sand banks? Does that mean that the river does not really rise too much above the level that it is at? Except when it is flooding?

The reality is, so much water is diverted from the river for irrigation, that the river runs dry before it reaches the ocean in Shandong (山東) almost every year. It is becoming an inland river!


Liu Yunxia said...

I think 陕西 is spelled 'Shaanxi' in English.

StephenC said...

My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. I will fix it.