Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Taking Off

In the first photo, our plane was completing its final turn, lining up at the end of the runway in preparation for take-off. In the distance, at the far end of the runway, the plane we were following had just taken off.

In the second photo, our plane was ready to take off. The NorthWest plane behind us was making its final turn. And in the distance, a plane was landing on the second runway. The Dragonair plane might appear to be following the NorthWest. But it wasn’t. It was actually stationary, parked in a space between the two runways. There were indeed planes following the NorthWest, but they had not gotten into the frame yet.

That’s how busy the ChekLapKok (赤臘角) Airport is. Roughly one plane landing or taking off every minute on each runway. It must be exciting but nerve-racking managing the airport.

By the way, I was flying off to Xian (西安) to attend a conference.

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