Friday, April 18, 2008

My Little World

To the left is the university, where I work. Towards the upper right hand corner is the apartment block where I live. Our church is in the shopping center slight off center to the right. I did not realize it at the time when I took the picture - this little rectangle is pretty much the extent of my universe, mostly.

The earth has seven continents. With hundreds of countries, among which I have visited no more than ten percent. Even Hong Kong itself is a big place, with lots of places that I have never been to. Yet there are days, even weeks during which I barely get out of this rectangle. It is a pity, isn’t it? What about you?

It is not everyday that one gets a chance to fly over one’s home, so I was overjoyed when my plane did. It was a sunny day when it took off for Xian, but the air was hazy. And the picture was taken through the double paned window of the airplane. Hence the poor color. But considering it was taken from roughly 10,000 feet up in the air, the lens was really quit good. Thanks to my daughter who recommended it.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I hope it was a fruitful trip. Our universe is multi-dimensional, physical world is but only one and you have a big heart and a godly vision!

Celulite said...
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Anonymous said...
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StephenC said...

Yeah, I would like to think while we are limited in our bodies and physical limitations, we are limitless in our minds and spirit.

But I do enjoy overcoming my limitations once in a while. Like going to Hancheng and Sima Qian's tomb! :)