Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old Kai Tak Airport

This is, of course, the old Kai Tak Airport. The photo was taken from the 8th floor car park of MegaBox. The long strip across the middle of the photo was the runway.

The airport was moved to Chek Lap Kok in 1998, 10 year ago. And the airport has been lying farrow more or less like this ever since. Well, it has been used for various temporary usage such as storing sand, storing buses, golf course, bowling, car shows, flea market, government offices, etc.

I actually sneaked in a few times to look around and found people flying model planes, riding bicycles, playing cricket, stealing metal, and jogging (me). You can check out some of my old postings for some pictures.

But the long term future of this prime piece of land in the middle of Kowloon was undecided for a long time. Land has always been in short supply in Hong Kong. While everyone has been crying out for space, isn’t it rather ironic this prime piece of land has been lying like that for 10 years?

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