Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ma Wan

What is this place?

This is Ma Wan (馬灣) Main Street Village on the island Ma Wan. The dozens of village houses, the village square, the beach, the pier, the little boat, the fish farms, the trees and the green hills make an idyllic picture. But the tall apartment buildings in the background tell us it is not far from the modern city. In fact, the luxury apartments of Park Island are just off the photo to the right.

The photo was taken from a bus on the Kap Shui Mun Bridge (汲水門大橋). Not the Tsing-Ma Bridge (青馬大橋) which links Tsing Yi with Ma Wan. But the bridge which links Ma Wan with Lantau (大嶼山). It seems so close, and yet so far. I have never been there, and would surely love to visit it before it is too late.


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You write very well.