Thursday, June 19, 2008

Peipa Shrimp 琵琶虾

Have you had this before? The fish monger called them 琵琶虾. I know that 琵琶虾 usually refers to mantis shrimp, which is also called 虾蛄, 攋尿蝦, 螳螂虾. But I have also heard people calling another kind of shrimp 琵琶虾. So I am quite confused. Perhaps other people are just as confused as I am? Perhaps there is no definite definition? So what is it in English?

Anyway, it looks like a kind of lobster, and is the size of a small lobster. At about four to a catty and about 100 HK dollars a catty, it comes to about 25 dollars each. It has quite a bit of meat to it. The flesh is very much like that of the Pacific lobsters. Soft (but firmer than mantis shrimp), white, full of flavour. Really good.

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