Monday, June 16, 2008

Yaumatei Dwellings

Within 2 blocks of each other in Yaumatei, I encountered these three types of dwellings.

This little bird (an oriental white eye 相思, I think) is in a neat cage, under a tree in the shadow of some old apartment blocks, and close to some very high prices high-rises. Its owner feeds it, cleans its cage, and hangs it in a nice cool place. It does not have its freedom, of course.

This man is apparently taking a break on a makeshift half-plank bed in front of his shop. He is, at least free to take a nap.

Twenty meters away from the bird, someone’s home is a sheltered bed behind a public toilet. You can imagine the constant smell, and see the permanently wet grounds. He (most likely a he) is probably one of those hired to take care of the toilet.

Which dwelling would you pick, if you were to choose among them?

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