Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weighting Scale Shop 計重秤 (稱)

Another of the remaining traditional shops. This one obviously specializing in Chinese style weighting scales. They have scales of all shapes and sizes and it can be quite fascinating if you have time to look through them.

When the old lady shopkeeper retires, will the shop continue to operate?

Many places treasure such shops, and try to preserve them as a part of their cultural heritage. It is also happening in China lately. Perhaps a bit too late, but at least the efforts are starting. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case in Hong Kong. All are sacrificed in the name of fast and maximal profit.

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The Cat said...

You ought to start a project to locate all these cool "leftovers" and their photos on a clickable map of Hong Kong. I am sure that you will get plenty of contributors.

Then people who want to visit these sites can go there and see for themselves. Who knows, maybe it'll even help with the survival of these cultural treasures!

(The Jockey Club had this "Hong Kong Memory" project some time ago, which is similar to this, but I can't find more info about it online.)