Friday, June 13, 2008

Raining in Hong Kong

After weeks of heavy rains, the sky was preciously clear and blue early yesterday morning. Suddenly rain drops started to slash my window, and rain clouds started to move in from the East. For a few minutes this was what it looked like. Clear blue sky in the West and rain in the East at the same time. That’s moody Hong Kong weather for you. And it is beautiful if you don't have to go out.

For two weeks in a row, I booked the university’s one and only one soccer field to kick the ball around on late Friday afternoon with my colleagues. Both times the booking was cancelled by the university because of rain. Even if I was crazy enough (I was, almost) to go down there to play, the university would not have allowed me in.

I booked the field again for this afternoon. It is 9:30AM and ... it is raining again! Will it stop in time? I surely hope so.

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