Friday, June 20, 2008

Seafood on the sidewalk

I like seafood, whether fresh or dried. Here at my wife’s favourite dried seafood shop in Yaumatei, you can find salted fish, scallops, abalone, oysters, clams, shark fins, shark cartilage, fish maws, squid, octopi, sea slugs, shrimp, ... And you can also find mushrooms, herbs, cashews, almonds, peanuts, chestnuts, dates, sweat potato, ...

I expected to find seafood in the shop. But I did not expect to find naked octopi crawling bare feet on the side walk. They were not really crawling, of course. I was pretty sure they were dead. But they were just laid out on the side walk, without so much a newspaper to lie on.

The sidewalk looked clean, after the recent deluge. Still, it is going to go into your mouth. So, next time you cook them, you’d better make sure you wash them first.

Actually, I did see an octopus walking on the sidewalk in TsimShaTsui East a few months ago. I was jogging on the waterfront and saw someone caught something wriggly. So I stopped to take a look and found this little guy trying to get away. I have never seem someone caught an octopus before. But on that day I saw two. What is the probability of that?

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